Is MRSA airborne?

Staph aureus is very common and will be being ‘shed’ by many people, but MRSA is still very rare and will not generally be in the air. Some studies do talk of the ‘MRSA’ cloud that can be around an MRSA sufferer who is very ill and unable to move a great deal. An MRSA carrier who may not be ill from the bacteria but has symptoms of infections that lead them to sneeze and cough can also project the the MRSA bacteria all around them.

Ward hygiene specialists have also noted that given the high concentration of MRSA in hospitals care must be taken with the hygiene of fans and other air circulation aids lest a dust/ bacteria mix carries MRSA to other patients

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One thought on “Is MRSA airborne?

  1. I kind of compared it to the one kid on charlie brown with the dust and flies cause i’ve personally noticed those little nets fruit flys whatever u call them and plenty of dust around people when mrsa is in a home. i always let the windows down in cars now when i see it.

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