How does MRSA spread in the family?

Hand hygiene is key – when MRSA enters a family, hands are often what spreads the bacteria. A hand can carry the bacteria from an infected wound, a contaminated surface or from one persons skin to another. Families with an MRSA infected member should wash their hands several times a day.

Families should also be very careful about shared towels, combs, computer keyboards and other items that come in contact with skin if a family member has MRSA. Clean high touch areas such as door handles and light switches on a regular basis. Pets can also carry the infection between family members – avoid stroking and kissing pet animals while MRSA is in your household.

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14 thoughts on “How does MRSA spread in the family?

  1. I had a bilateral ovarian cystectomy via laparotomy. After 2 weeks there’s a clear discharges from my wound. Went to emergency they drain and clean my wound and took a swab from the wound and after 3 days I was called back to inform that im a MRSA positive. They gave me antibiotic SEPTRIN. We are now practicing strict hand hygien in the house. Mu question is, is one week of antibiotic enough to say im clear of MRSA? My wound is close now, thought tender when u put pressure but no pain no discharges. Another question after I wash my hands or take a bath can I hug my baby? I was keeping muself away from her bec of the operation and now cant even touch her bec of MRSA. I miss her a lot.

    • 7 days is often the main prescribing suggestion. Good hand hygiene is often enough to protect children and family members from infection.

      SA & MRSA are very common and many people are colonized for a while without being ill

      Hope your recovery is going well


  2. I got a staph infection from a neighbor, who says she has cellulitis.
    I never thought her nasty huge infections on her legs were a threat.
    Now I’m sure I have it in my nose and eyes. A mild infection. My
    question is can you have like a sub clinical infection and only be mildly
    infected with MRSA or will it spread? Any help with any info would be
    great. Also I have taken 4 courses of antibiotics but it comes back
    every few days. How likely is it going to spread to my family?

    • Many people have mild staph infections that heal without treatment. Have you had your infection verified by a medical doctor with a test?

      Knowing what strain you have will clarify what medication you should have. It could spread among your family but it is not automatic especially if you avoid shared items and have regular hand washing habits


  3. The fact that you cover it is only one part of the problem. if you touch something and someone else touches it the MRSA can spread. That goes for your friend too. I thought we were clear now that you had the treatment and the 10 days went by but since you were with him again and your resistance is low you can contract it again. and back and forth. I am so upset I cant even describe ever feeling this way. Dad has done everything for you and you couldnt wait another week to be sure he was clear.

  4. I just had another bout pneumonia ;y main concern is if straph is in my lungs the last time i had mrsa two super bugs in my lungs june 2012.Is it possible the bacteria is still there.

  5. I had mrsa im my arm pit, ive taken the oral meds and am on the nasal now, all my wounds are closed, skin is healed, how do i now take care of hair removal in that area?

    • Gently is perhaps the best advice. You should be mrsa negative now and the risk of cuts is low. But there is always a small chance that could become a carrier again from another source.


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