Your MRSA Infection

MRSA infections are highly drug resistant staph infections. They are sometimes called mercer infections. Find answers to your questions here. They are often found in skin infections and the wounds of those undergoing hospital treatment

MRSA Symptoms – what are they?
What is MRSA?
Is MRSA infection different from MERSA?
MRSA Test – How is MRSA detected
Is MRSA Infection Contagious?
Can you catch MRSA from skin contact?
How does MRSA spread in the family?
Is MRSA airborne?

More MRSA infection questions below. Use the comments box below for your questions.

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Will MRSA kill me?
A simple MRSA treatment guide

How do you catch MRSA
Is MRSA just a hospital infection?
Is there an MRSA incubation period?
Exposure to MRSA – Should I be worried?
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MRSA Skin – Catching MRSA from skin contact?
Chronic MRSA – I keep getting MRSA?
How do you catch MRSA?

(Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus is the medical term that has given us the initials MRSA. It is sometimes called mercer staph infection or mrsa staff. MRSA is not a virus. Viruses need to infect something to keep on living. Bacteria can exist on their own for months)

Another common hospital infection is C Difficile – check out our guide here.

185 thoughts on “Your MRSA Infection

  1. No one can say for sure if your MRSA will return if you have the bone hearing surgery. But since you obviously are a carrier now, you do have the risk of it returning and popping out someplace. The Drs. need to be extra vigilant and put you on strong antibiotics before, during, and after you surgery, as this may prevent it popping out in new wounds. Just make sure that your Drs. take it seriously and prepare you ahead of time for the surgery with antibiotics.
    I am a carrier and have to do that and watch every little sore, cut, or blemish, in case the MRSA pops out in them.
    I hope that this helps.

  2. I actually have a question which I cannot find the answer for on the computer.. I got a bad case of MRSA while having a shoulder replacement..they had to go back in twice and clean out the infection but was on home IV’s a year… my question is, I am thinking about having a bone hearing operation and want to know if my MRSA will return?

  3. MRSA isn’t always in a form of a sore on the skin. I am proof of it. I had MRSA hiding behind two fungal tumors in my Sinuses. It had been in there for quite awhile, according to my Drs. and was slowing killing me. I had to be on massive drugs in my home for 6 weeks under quarantine. I have small vein syndrome, therefore my veins collapse very fast and often, so it is hard for me to be hooked up to IV drugs for a long period of time. So my Drs. put me on three different extra strong antibiotics all at the same time. Due to this, I developed Thrush in my mouth. Then I had to be treated for this. I also itched badly all over my body. I lost some hair for months after the treatment. I was extremely exhausted during the treatment and for some time after. That was four years ago. I am still a MRSA carrier and will be the rest of my life. I have to have check ups once in awhile to make sure it has not come back. I still get sinus infections, but not as often as I had been getting them.
    So MRSA can attack a person in different ways, not just by a sore on the skin.

  4. Hi,
    I did not contract MRSA the way that you did, but it is highly contagious. But mainly from contact to the wound. You need to be very conscious of your hygiene. You should not share “ANY” towels with anyone, including hand towels. Always have clean hand towels out for your guests and bleach the sink where you wash your hands after you use it. Peroxide is also a good cleaner. My Dr. told me to keep a spay bottle of Peroxide under each sink and use it to wipe down everything after I used it while I was being treated for MRSA. Keep your dog away from your wound and wash your hands often and your dog should be okay.
    We had two dogs at the time I was being treated and neither one of them got it from me. My husband did not get it from me either. In fact he was tested for it, after I was done with my treatment and he did not have it. I had it in my Maxilary Sinus cavities. It was trapped behind two Rare Fungus Tumors. My surgeon said that the Rare Fungus Tumors and the MRSA were both slowly killing me. I am fortunate to be alive today. I will always be a MRSA carrier now and have to be careful and watchful of all sores and infections and my Dr.s have to be very careful when I have any surgery. But I am just grateful to be alive after what I went through.
    I wish you the best.

  5. I was diagnosed w/MRSA 2 days ago after 32 days of antibiotics. Luckily had culture done of drainage from wound. Unfortunately the drainage site is directly where the incision from my knee replacement on 11/28/12. On Zyvox for 15 days. Saw ID doc yday and really hope this med works as alternative is not good. Remove knee replacement, put in spacer packed w/antibiotics for 6 weeks & get picc line for vancomycin daily. After 6 weeks surgery to remove & replace spacer w/new one. Six weeks later surgery #3 a 2nd knee replacement surgery. Am going out to get Hibicleanse soap after dinner.

    Has anyone had this happen to them? Also how susceptible is my dog & husband to contracting this nightmare? Appreciate any and all replays!

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